Spector: Epic Mickey is “the best-looking Wii game ever”


Whilst anticipation is rife for Junction Point and Disney Interactive Studios’ upcoming title, Epic Mickey, it would seem that creative director Warren Spector is more than proud of what the development team has achieved. Even going so far as to state his belief that the title is “the best-looking Wii game ever.”

“I’m really proud of the team because they embraced the challenge of backing away from their own creativity, and have embraced that of both Disney and the player,” Spector commented, during an interview with MCV. “This does not play or feel like any other game, but the gamer can make it feel like a Mario game, or a Zelda game. They determine the pace of play.”

He continued, “I also think this is the best-looking Wii game ever. I think graphically it hits a bar that the best Disney stuff has to hit. I think that will appeal to people. At the end of the day, Disney fans and non-Disney fans alike will come away with a greater appreciation of Disney’s creative heritage.”

Disney’s Epic Mickey is due to release exclusively for Wii on November 26th across Europe, with a North American release on November 30th.

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