Sparklite’s Professor Corwin Starts Cataloguing The Mutated Creatures In Geodia

Sparklite Key Art

With the help of Professor Corwin, Merge Games and Red Blue Games have revealed the mutated creatures that you will encounter as you explore the Geodia’s Biomes in Sparklite on Nintendo Switch.

The planet’s foremost expert on Geodian wildlife has started penning his own book, Professor Corwin’s Bestiary of Brutal Baddies of Geodia, in which he’s jotted down the critters.

“Geodia is home to many docile and beautiful animals, however, not all is well in this usually-peaceful land!” the publisher explains.

“The power-hungry Baron’s nefarious mining activities have altered and polluted Geodia’s once-majestic Biomes. The animals residing in these areas have been affected too; transforming into mutated and aggressive creatures.

“Continued mining is causing Geodia’s landscape to shift, changing its layout with each Fracture and further affecting the creatures. Our hero, Ada, has undertaken a great and difficult cause; put a stop to the Baron, his Titans, and their pollutive mining, and reverse the effects they’ve had on Geodia and its inhabitants.”

Your goal in Sparklite is to lead the fight against the Baron. As the lifeforce of the planet, Sparklite ties everything in the world together.

The planet’s inhabitants have learned how to harness it for their own purposes, but it can be consumed for a surge of power with grave consequences.

The Baron has started to mine Sparklite to fuel his powerful war machines, with the resulting pollution corrupting the world. It falls to Ada to shut down the Baron’s dig site before he can obtain the Sparklite core.

Sparklite will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in October.

Acid Gloop

Sparklite Professor Corwin Acid Gloop Screenshot


Sparklite Professor Corwin Breaker Screenshot


Sparklite Professor Corwin Catersplitter Screenshot

Dirt Hog

Sparklite Professor Corwin Dirt Hog Screenshot


Sparklite Professor Corwin Enforcer Screenshot

Romp Stomper

Sparklite Professor Corwin Romp Stomper Screenshot

Sand Revenant

Sparklite Professor Corwin Sand Revenant Screenshot

Shield Generator

Sparklite Professor Corwin Shield Generator Screenshot


Sparklite Professor Corwin Smasher Screenshot


Sparklite Professor Corwin Spitunia Screenshot


Sparklite Professor Corwin Stingsticker Screenshot


Sparklite Professor Corwin Swampcrawler Screenshot

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