Space Pioneer looks to explore the stars on Wii U


Las Vegas-based independent developer Space Enigma Studios are looking to secure enough backing through Kickstarter to self-publish their ambitious space sim Space Pioneer on Wii U.

At the time of writing they are currently sat at $24,957 with 27 days to go, their initial $150,000 goal needed to be secured by March 11th. Their team, which even comprises of world famous astronauts no less, aims to create “a game that will be the most accurate virtual representation of our universe to date.”

This will make use of imagery and resources from the European Space Agency, NASA, the Hubble telescope, and observatories, with players piloting their own customisable spaceship to explore the universe with opportunities to colonise planets beyond our solar system.

It’s real time strategy and city building combined, with effective research seeing you able to upgrade their spaceship, build vast space stations and terra-form inhospitable planets.

Multiplayer is also on the cards, with 128 players gathered in the same server. If you get destroyed, then you’ll be placed on a different server with similar levelled players, opening up plenty of opportunity to meet others adventuring on their own exploration.

If you’re keen to support another independent developer seeking to gather the funds necessary to get their game on Wii U, head on over to Kickstarter.

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