Solatorobo: Red the Hunter receives final batch of DLC

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Nintendo of Europe have detailed the final batch of downloadable content that is due to be made available for Nintendo DS action-adventure title, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.

This final set of four new quests follows the previous eight, that have allowed players to set out on more exciting adventures across the Shepherd Republic.

Details regarding the downloadable content availability are as follows:

* Quest 9: available 09.09.11
Search for a Son: Find the whereabouts of a child who never came to meet his Dad…
* Quest 10: available 16.09.11
Dahak’s Memory: Use a special simulation world to grant the wish of a friend
* Quest 11: available 23.09.11
Kurvaz Quiz Contest: Beat everyone else in a quiz contest hosted by the Kurvaz
* Quest 12: available 30.09.11
A Request for Red: Help the kids from the orphanage create something simply wonderful

To download the extra quests via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection simply follow the instructions below:

1) Select “Quest Download” from the main menu.

2) Tap “Nintendo WFC Setup” and enter all the details required to access your wireless Internet connection. (These settings will be saved for the future so you won’t have to do this step again for this connection!)

3) Next, select ‘Download’ from the menu.

4) Once the connection is completed you’ll find new assignments in-game at the Quest Brokers around the Shepherd Republic.

5) Don’t forget to check back regularly as new quests become available.

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