Soda-Powered Musical Shooter PopSlinger Out Now On Nintendo Switch

PopSlinger Logo

Funky Can Creative has announced that its vibrant musical shooter PopSlinger is now available on Nintendo Switch.

“Launching PopSlinger on my favourite console and its physical soundtrack is a dream come true,” enthuses Funky Can Creative founder Jose Luis Abreu. “As developers, we always hope our games will resonate with others just as much as it resonates with us. The support we’ve gotten thus far has been greater than we could have anticipated. We can only hope it will continue to grow once people get their hands on it!”

Created with an art style that takes inspiration from ‘90s anime, you play as Ria Carbon, a regular girl who has been turned into “the overconfident goofball hero PopSlinger.”

Armed with her soda-powered guns and magical powers bestowed upon her by a former PopSlinger called Gin, she sets out to save Earth from the nefarious invaders that are stirring up conflict and dispersing corruption.

That will challenge you to pop, dodge and slam gooey monsters in an effort to rack up high scores to top the scoreboard, rewarding you with the chance to unlock new flavoured guns such as the Cola laser, straw shooting Strawberry and cap popper Orange.

You can also gain Popping Powers by shooting sequences of coloured enemy gloops, or Dream Time which temporarily makes Ria unbeatable presenting the chance to collect “massive” points to boost the ranks you achieve.

The developer has outlined the game’s features as below:

  • Immerse into an epic adventure with a dreamy aesthetics inspired by 90’s Japanese animation, brought to life with a marker art style and VHS-infused 2D sprites, with fully-voiced dialogue cutscenes employing vibrantly animated hand-drawn portraits;
  • Unleash a soft drink-powered magical arsenal;
  • Groove to a dynamic soundtrack inspired by an eclectic mix of music genres;
  • Enjoy a narrative inspired by 90’s magical girl shows and classic Japanese films and television, loaded with special effects.

PopSlinger is now available digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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