Sidhe: Wii U in “serious trouble” with publishers cancelling projects


Sidhe co-founder Mario Wynands has stated that the Wii U is in “serious trouble,” after developers at last week’s 2013 D.I.C.E. Summit revealed that projects for the console has been cancelled.

“At DICE, nobody has been talking about the new Wii U projects they have started, only the Wii U projects that have just been cancelled,” Wynands wrote rather damningly on NeoGAF. “Platform is in serious trouble.”

He continued, “Pubs and devs never recoiled from PS3 like they seem to be with Wii U (though this is anecdotal). There was always the confidence that the numbers would get there over time with PS3. I’m not sensing that with Wii U.

“I had a data point yesterday at lunch with a high budget Wii U game that was hoping to sell ‘millions’ over time. It only managed ‘tens of thousands.'”

Whilst Wynands wouldn’t confirm which game he was referring too, yet speculation points toward Wii U exclusive ZombiU.

He then shared similar skepticism regarding rival next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

“I don’t have much of an opinion on what they might achieve in terms of an install base,” he began. “But my general opinion is this next console generation is going to fail.

“The infrastructure for retail sales is crumbling, console platform manufacturers are still wanting to control content and prices too much, and the shift to other platforms (of consumers and dev support) in the meantime has been significant (my reasoning is more nuanced, but those are the big ticket items).”

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