Shuntaro Furukawa Elected Nintendo President With 96.51 Percent Approval Rating

Shuntaro Furukawa Nintendo Photo

Nintendo held their 78th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders last week, and, with wide changes to the company’s management structure, has seen new Nintendo president and representative director Shuntaro Furukawa met with a 96.51 percent approval rating.

Former Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata, who has returned to the company’s Kyoto headquarters in a new role as general manager of the Marketing Division and the Licensing Division and has joined the Board of Directors, received a 97.28 percent approval rating.

Whereas representative director and fellow Shigeru Miyamoto (97.37 percent), director and senior managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi (97.28 percent) and director and senior executive officer Ko Shiota (97.28 percent) all similarly remained to have a positive approval with shareholders.

Despite the disappointment that had surrounded the decision not to reveal more Nintendo Switch games at E3 2018 – which had sent Nintendo’s share price tumbling – it shows that there is broader confidence in the direction that the company is taking with their portable home console.

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