Shiny Yveltal Distribution Event Announced For Spain


The Pokémon Company International has announced plans to run a Shiny Yveltal distribution event in Spain.

Serebii reports that this will take place at the Salón del Cómic de Barcelona festival between Thursday 5th – Sunday 8th May 2016, and will see the Dark and Flying-type Legendary Pokémon available with a Serial Code.

This is the first time that Shiny Yveltal has been distributed outside of Japan and South Korea, and is believed to be based on the Shiny Yveltal that appears in the Pokémon XY & Z animated series.

If so, it will be Level 100, have the ability Dark Aura – which increases damage dealt by Dark-type attacks – and the moves Oblivion Wing, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse and Foul Play.

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