Shigeru Miyamoto debunks numerous Mario Myths


As part of their marketing activities to promote Super Mario Maker’s launch, Nintendo has asked Shigeru Miyamoto to debunk some longstanding ‘Mario Myths.’

Answered in his own inimitable way, these aren’t the decisive answers that most will be hoping for but resolve questions such as who Mario is named after, whether Miyamoto would let Dr. Mario operate on him, and if he knows who Bowser Jr.’s mother is.

We’ve listed the questions and his responses, with the short video below if you want to watch!

Is Mario named after former Nintendo of America warehouse landlord Mario Segale?

Is the Mario shown on the original Super Mario Bros. packaging about to lose a life?

Would you let Dr. Mario operate on you?

Was Super Mario Bros. 3 all just a performance?

When Bob-ombs perish, do they turn into Boos?

Do you know who Bowser Jr.’s mother is?
Yes [points at himself]

Does Mario break blocks with his fist?

Are any of your courses featured in Super Mario Maker?
“I’m not in there, but I will definitely post something.”

Super Mario Maker releases exclusively for Wii U in Japan today and worldwide tomorrow, on September 11th.

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