Shephy Bleats Toward Nintendo Switch Release This Week


Arc System Works will release Shephy on Nintendo Switch this week, a single-player card game that revolves around sheep.

Your goal is to turn one sheep into 1,000 using cards, of which there are three types: Sheep Cards; Event Cards; and Enemy Sheep Cards. Unsurprisingly, your sheep will multiply through procreation but are also at risk of having their bleat-filled lives cut short thanks to dangers such as falling rocks.

There are multiple modes: Tutorial and Practice Mode will let you familiarise yourself with the rules; Challenge Mode removes the 1,000 Sheep limit and will let you see how many you can add before the deck is emptied three times; and Post Love will let you enjoy the story with special rules applied.

If you enjoy playing game at your own pace, single player games, solving challenging puzzles and love sheep, then Arc System Works think that Shephy is the perfect game for you!

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