Shaun the Sheep 3D animated content heads to Nintendo 3DS

nintendo ds 1

It was announced at the Nintendo 3DS conference held in Amsterdam yesterday, that Aardman Animations are to create a series of 1 minute shorts of popular children’s show Shaun the Sheep in 3D, exclusively for the system.

The Nintendo 3DS, which is due to launch across Europe on March 25th, is set to be the first portable 3D entertainment device and will revolutionise the 3D experience by removing the need to wear special glasses.

Aardman, who are currently also producing two 3D feature films, now face the exciting, additional challenge of creating some of the first bespoke animated content for this brand new 3D format.

There has been no official word as to when these can be expected to release, yet we’re sure it’ll be at some point over the next few months.

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