Scrapped ZombiU sequel was to introduce co-operative support


If I was ever faced with surviving a zombie apocalypse, I certainly wouldn’t want to do so alone. That was seemingly Ubisoft’s thoughts behind a cancelled ZombiU sequel, which would have expanded on the original by introducing local co-operative play.

We already know that the sequel had been prototyped, although Unseen64 has learned that it never left pre-production – presumably after Ubisoft’s disappointment with how poorly the first sold at launch.

However, a team of between 5-10 began conceptualising the sequel in early 2013, which would see players return to survive a “run-down, zombie apocalypse setting.” The optional co-operative multiplayer would have seen one survivor using the Wii U GamePad while another wielded a Wii U Pro Controller, with the two regularly being split apart from one another as they journeyed through the campaign.

According to one developer, they had been “very adamant about trying to do co-op survival horror properly without compromising the tension and the horror factor of it.”

Sadly though, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see it return – even though ZombiU was a launch highlight for me.

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