Scram Kitty developer Dakko Dakko share their love for Wii U


Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails developer Dakko Dakko have once again shared their love for Wii U, frenetic on-rails shooter’s debut on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this week.

The indie’s Rhodri Broadbent mentioned that he’s working on another project for Wii U, sharing his belief that having “more weirdness in your hardware” helps “inspire new ideas in a developer.” With Nintendo positioning the Wii U GamePad “to the forefront,” as with the Wii Remote before it, they demand that developers become more creative. He reasons that this is something that Microsoft and Sony have been unable to match with Kinect and PlayStation Move.

“I love it [Wii U]! It’s still a little joy box to me,” Broadbent exclaimed to Eurogamer. “As a developer, I’m still working on a project right now I can’t talk about now on the Wii U. It always brings a lot of new potential to gameplay, because you think about things in a different way. It’s always nice to have more control options, and more weirdness in your hardware in terms of being able to inspire new ideas in a developer. I’m sad it hasn’t reached the market it was supposed to, or I expected it to. But in terms of delivering good games I think it’s doing well.”

He continued, “I’m a big fan of all crazy hardware. As a kid, and as a developer, I’ve always been interested in things that use hardware and interesting ways, and interesting hardware that brings new interesting experiences. That is the essence of gameplay for me, that fusion of the hardware and software together – when the hardware’s more quirky, the software can become so.”

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