Save The World From Extra-Terrestrial Terrors In Mugsters On Nintendo Switch

Mugsters Artwork

Team17 and Reinkout Games have announced that Mugsters will release on Nintendo Switch, challenging you to save a world in peril.

In this physics-based, action puzzle game, you must outrun, outmanoeuvre, and outsmart your enemies by experimenting in different sandbox levels with vehicles, environmental traps, and explosives.

To rescue any survivors, you must fight your way through hordes of extra-terrestrial terrors – such as four-armed alien invaders, fearsome flying robot fiends and all manner of unearthly unmentionables.

You can choose to team up with another player in local co-op as you work together to dodge alien abduction rays, rocket turrets and traps as you look to escape from this world-dominating menace.

Mugsters will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Summer 2018.

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