Save Noctum In Nightmare Boy On Nintendo Switch


Badland Games has announced that Nightmare Boy will see release on Nintendo Switch this month, a Metroidvania-style action-adventure from developer The Vanir Project.

It takes place in the land of Donorok in the state of Noctum, where, after King Aster disappears, chaos rules over the world. With the relationships between Monsters, Mongos, and Dreamers becoming completely unstable, while Donorok has slowly started to absorb terrain from neighbouring regions.

You must quest to save Noctum from self-proclaimed ruler Balder, who has ordered the monsters to retain any child that falls into the Nightmare. And Billy, the Nightmare Boy, is the key to his continued rule.

In Nightmare Boy you will meet weird and unique friends and foes, but your interactions with them can have game-changing consequences. Requiring fast reflexes and suited to those with a taste for exploration, there are rare items to collect, enemies to vanquish, and your deepest fears to face.

Nightmare Boy will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on January 16th.

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