Save Me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San Pays A Heartfelt Homage To Game Boy


Nicalis has announced that it will publish the charming platform adventure Save Me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San on Nintendo Switch.

The game is set in a world where humans and octopi are at war with each other and will tell the tale of a pacifist octopus who rescues a human woman from drowning. When an octopus fairy sees this act of kindness, she grants him the ability to survive on land, where he can learn more about humans in the hope that the conflict between the two species can be resolved.

That will see Mr Tako spit ink at enemies to turn them into platforms to help reach higher ground, with the chance to acquire and wear 50 different hats that give him special abilities. With six worlds to explore, there are 16 mysterious dungeons to wander into, and 19 deadly boss characters to topple.

Developed by French indie developer Christophe Galati as a heartfelt homage to the games that he loved to play on Game Boy, Save Me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San’s colour palettes take direct inspiration from the handheld’s crude LCD display, with character sprite sizes intentionally limited to 1989 standards. The game’s soundtrack also uses Game Boy-era instrumentation to complete the authentic retro vibe.

Save Me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San will release on Nintendo Switch worldwide later this year.

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