Sakaguchi promises console return if Terra Battle sees success


Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has promised that he will return to console development with his Mistwalker studio, if their smartphone-destined Terra Battle is successful.

Within Weekly Famitsu, the Japanese magazine reveals the studio’s “Download-starter” campaign which effectively emulates Kickstarter. Mistwalker will continue to add new features and content to Terra Battle based on the total number of downloads, which, at the 2 million mark will see them develop a console version.

It was Wii’s The Last Story that was their last console outing, before switching to smartphone development on which they released Party Wave and Blade Guardian.

Their full list of “Download-starter” goals are:
* 100,000 downloads – New song(s) by Nobuo Uematsu
* 200,000 downloads – New characters by Hideo Minaba
* 300,000 downloads – In-game appearance by manga artist Nakaba Suzuki
* 1,000,000 downloads – A concert for Terra Battle
* 1,400,000 downloads – Commencement of figurine production
* 2,000,000 downloads – Development of a console version of Terra Battle

Terra Battle will launch worldwide for iOS and Android devices in October.

[Thanks Siliconera]
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