Sail The World With This Super Mario Odyssey-Themed Nintendo Switch Dock


Nintendo Switch owners have enjoyed the chance to explore incredible places far away from the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, and many have shown their love for one of 2017’s best games with fan art and cosplay.

Etsy shop Senpai3D is no different, teaming up with SoulEaterGaming to create a 3D printed Odyssey – the airship that the moustachioed plumber travels around the world on.

This isn’t just a simple replica either, in that it can actually be used as a Nintendo Switch dock as well, complete with felt to protect the portable home console when sliding it in – perfect for those living in constant fear that they may accidentally scratch the touchscreen.

“This is a full scale, entirely 3D printed version of the Odyssey ship in Super Mario Odyssey that works as a TV dock for the Nintendo Switch,” Senpai3D explains. “There is felt protection to avoid the dreaded streaks that come about when using the dock that is provided with the Switch.

“The area where the globe normally sits in the game is scaled perfectly to display any normal sized amiibo figure to show off with this beautiful piece. Guaranteed high quality with real cloth and hand painting. Made from ABS plastic (the same stuff LEGO is made out of) so it is very durable. [I] can get this shipped out to you super fast for those last minute gifts! Every dock comes with the extender cable necessary to connect the Switch to the stock dock and thus the TV.”

The best part is that it is available to buy ($99 + shipping) and is available to those in the United States, with the shop owner open to contact for those wanting to ask about shipping options to other countries.

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