Ryu, Roy and Famicom R.O.B. amiibo Release On March 18th


The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & Nintendo 3DS Final Video Presentation saw creator Masahiro Sakurai share when we can expect amiibo for Ryu, Roy and R.O.B. (Famicom Colours) to see a western release.

The amiibo, two of which were released as DLC characters and the other a previously exclusive colour variant released in Japan, will arrive at retail across North America and Europe on March 18th.

He also confirmed that amiibo were being developed for Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud, Fire Emblem Fates protagonist Corrin and Bayonetta, who were announced as the final three characters to be released for the mascot brawler.

There’s no word as to when to expect these to see release, but they will close out the Super Smash Bros. Collection and see Nintendo take their amiibo plans elsewhere.

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