Rustler Locks In August Release Date On Nintendo Switch

Rustler Logo

Modus Games and Jutsu Games have confirmed a release date for Rustler on Nintendo Switch.

This open-world, top-down action has looked to pay tribute to the classic Grand Theft Auto games, letting you loose in a historically inaccurate medieval setting created with an inappropriate Monty Python-inspired sense of humour.

You play as the anti-hero Guy, a brigand who is determined to win The Grand Tournament to secure its grand prize which is to secure the princess’ hand in marriage. Wanting to win at all costs with the help of your tagalong ally Buddy, that could see you steal a horse or two or even perform the odd murder.

Whether meeting valiant yet incredibly stupid knights or being confronted with witch hunters, you will be free to work on missions and quests or ignore the plot and concentrate on unleashing mayhem in the game’s villages and cities.

Rustler will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 31st August 2021 priced at £24.99 (€29.99).

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