Rumour: Unannounced third-party Wii U exclusive set for 2014


It would appear as though we can excite ourselves about an as yet unannounced third-party Wii U exclusive set to release next year.

That’s according to French games journalist Nico Wav, who is currently enjoying himself in Japan. He chose to tease the unannounced title’s existence through social media site Twitter, only revealing that it is a new IP that he likened to the action-adventure styling of PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta series.

Now that the statement’s caught broader attention, Wav has insisted that he can’t share any more information than he has already. Whilst we’ve slapped this down as a rumour, it is hardly surprising that Nintendo will be courting such arrangements in an attempt to turn around the faltering momentum the Wii U is currently suffering – already evident in Sonic Lost World, Hyrule Warriors, and the Fire Emblem meets Shin Megami Tensei crossover.

[Thanks NeoGAF]

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  1. I should hope there is at least a single unannounced 3rd party game otherwise Wii U really will be a first party console.

    I hope it’s GTA-U

  2. “the faltering momentum the Wii U is currently suffering”?

    Seriously? Have you looked at sales figures any time recently? It’s outselling the Xbox One worldwide. I know it’s hard for haters to stomach, but the Wii U actually has positive momentum right now.

  3. It’s a new Shinobi game. People were assuming it was Devil’s Third or Darkstalkers 4. Maybe Sega let Nintendo publish a new Shinobi title developed by Platinum Games.

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