Rumour: Rayman Origins sequel in the works

rayman origins sequel

A survey has suggested that Ubisoft are currently developing a sequel to the critically acclaimed Rayman Origins, Kotaku report.

Whilst the game wasn’t as much of a consumer success as hoped, Ubisoft have stated that it was still able to turn a profit. Such success is set to be propelled through broader appeal, with the introduction of ghosts, dragons and Greek mythology.

Marketing firm Arkenford, regularly used by Ubisoft, currently has a survey that discusses a forthcoming sequel, screenshots confirming the return of four-player drop-in/drop-out co-operative play, as well as suggesting the inclusion of more recognisable environments and creatures.

These, of course, aren’t necessarily indicative of aspects that will appear within the final game, it at least gives hope that Ubisoft aren’t quite ready to turn their back on Rayman.

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