Rumour: Nintendo NX Controller Photo Appears Online


As 2016 ticks by, relative silence has continued to surround Nintendo NX. The company has stressed the importance in “establishing a solid launch” for NX and their smart device businesses to return to “Nintendo-like profits,” but we’re still without any indication as to when they plan to share more about the dedicated game platform. So, that leaves us with the Internet to contend with.

Dual Pixels, who have somewhat suspiciously become a repeated source of rumours surrounding the platform, apparently received the photo from “a new source” who refers to themselves as Idriss2Dev.

That paper trail links us through to a Reddit user by the same name, whose rather incoherent comments claim that the controller was snapped as part of a Nintendo NX development kit. With many immediately casting doubt on the photo’s legitimacy, they have explained that they will try to “take a video or other pictures tomorrow.”

However the design does match a widely reported patent that was filed by Nintendo on 6th September 2015, which was then published a month later on 12th October 2015. With embedded analog sticks, the controller design was unique in that an elliptical touchscreen is used to cover the entirety of the device. As with many patents, Nintendo may have simply been safeguarding an idea rather than it having any relation to NX.

As for the photo, I don’t believe that it was real. Since the patent surfaced, it could be possible that someone could try to physically replicate the design seen in the images that accompanied the patent. Stranger things have certainly happened, but our speculation continues with the rest of you.


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  1. All I can see is a bunch of faults with this concept.

    -Small screen.
    -Thumbs will obstruct view.
    -Weird Aspect Ratio.
    -Looks ugly.
    -Where’s the advantage to this design?

  2. Continued:
    -No physical buttons. Virtual buttons are horrible.
    -Design looks uncomfortable to hold.

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