Rumour: Nintendo considering Wii U name change


Nintendo are currently considering altering Wii U as the name for their next home console, according to reports from CVG.

With confusion reigning over its E3 2011 reveal, and consumer misunderstanding surrounding the Nintendo 3DS early on, discussions are taking place in both North America and Japan as to whether the company should rebrand the Wii U to prevent similar occurences, sources close to the platform holder have apparently suggested.

Nintendo had to immediately differentiate the 3DS from its predecessor by rolling out a campaign that reiterated the line “This is not DS. This is Nintendo 3DS”, the similarity in name causing confusion at retail.

Satoru Iwata previously stated that they had learned “a bitter lesson” from the launch of the handheld, and are to ensure that a similar situation won’t hamper their forthcoming home console which is now expected to launch during the holiday season.

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