Rumour: Ni No Kuni being considered for Nintendo 3DS


Namco Bandai are considering releasing the acclaimed Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on Nintendo 3DS, Pocket Gamer reports.

Having captured the attention of anime and role-playing enthusiasts alike when it released on PlayStation 3 earlier this year, the publisher had made the decision not to localise its Nintendo DS counterpart in the west.

The reasons for this were mainly cited as being due to the costs of printing the 352-page Wizard’s Companion book, which is a requirement for the DS version as it contains patterns for magic runes that need to be drawn to cast spells.

Yet, it later emerged that the company had still localised the book, as it was included within the Wizard’s Edition on PS3.

A company executive has supposedly commented that they wouldn’t oppose bringing the handheld iteration instead to Nintendo 3DS, yet would need to see enough public interest before bringing it to light.

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