Rumour: New Nintendo console set for early 2012 release, first title announced

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Whilst initial rumours pointed to a late 2012 release for Nintendo’s forthcoming console, codenamed Project Café, a recent press release from Majesco Entertainment regarding a sequel for their hugely successful Zumba Fitness game has placed a rather enormous hint that the new console may actually arrive in early 2012.

Within the press release, the publisher writes “Developed by Zoe Mode, Zumba Fitness 2 will launch on Wii this holiday season and another-to-be announced platform in early 2012.”

Two questions therefore immediately circulate: could the “another-to-be announced platform” be Nintendo’s latest home console, and is Zumba Fitness 2 the first game to be announced for the system?

The only other platform known to be releasing either later this year or into early 2012 is Sony’s Next Generation Portable (NGP), a handheld which I wouldn’t particularly deem to be suited to a fitness game. Microsoft, recently rumoured to be ready to unveil their latest hardware, also don’t seem in a position to be releasing a new system in early 2012.

It would seem almost certain, then, that this statement from Majesco Entertainment is most likely in regard to Project Café. Our eyes are now intently fixated on E3!

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