Rumor: “Next-Gen” Nintendo Switch Model Delayed Due To Technical Issues

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Photo

Rumors have swirled that Nintendo plans to release both a budget Nintendo Switch and another more powerful model this year, in an effort to attract a wider audience to maintain the sales momentum behind the portable home console. That rumbling has been backed up by multiple publications, but Nikkei has now reported that technical issues have meant that the beefier revision has suffered a delay.

USGamer has translated the article, revealing the publication’s claim that Nintendo has encountered problems with both the operating system and power consumption on this “next-generation” model. However, it’s unclear whether they are referring to the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro or whatever the company may be exploring as a successor – like Nintendo Switch 2.

Nikkei adds that the “inexpensive” hardware revision is still expected to release later this year. This has been rumored to have a slimmer design at a reduced price point, targeting a younger audience and those that will largely play in Handheld mode on the move.

Going against the earlier rumors, though, the publication believes that the model can still be docked to play on a TV screen. Others had been told that this feature would be cut as a way to lower the price.

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