Rozen returns to complete Majora’s Mask: Waiting for the Dawn EP


We were left enchanted by the first part of Rozen’s Majora’s Mask: Waiting for the Dawn, “Predicament of the Four”, and, as promised, we can now enjoy the second.

In stark contrast to that of the first, “We Shall Greet the Morning… Together” assumes an entirely different tone to depict a scene in which Kafei returns to Anju, deciding to stay in Clock Town in accepting their fate.

This takes inspiration from Koji Kondo’s original, and beloved, compositions, including “Song of Healing”, “Zelda’s Lullaby”, “Termina Field”, and “Serenade of Water”, woven to form the rather luscious arrangement that you can hear below.

The ensembles comprises of Carlos Montfort playing Solo Violin, Hannah Hoyt on additional Violin parts, Molly Lins on Solo Clarinet, and Reven on Trumpets, with Dawn Michelle Bennett providing spoken narration.

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