Rom Com Five Dates Receives Debut Trailer

Five Dates Logo

Wales Interactive and Good Gate Media have released a new trailer for Five Dates, which is coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

This “fast-turnaround” live-action, interactive romantic comedy has been conceptualised and developed during the COVID-19 lockdown.

With the cast having been shipped iPhones and sound equipment, director and writer Paul Raschid have now started filming the project remotely.

It will star Mandip Gill, who has played Doctor Who’s companion in the last two series, who will be joined by Georgia Hirst (Vikings), Marisa Abela (who is a lead in Lena Dunham’s upcoming BBC project Industry), Taheen Modak (co-lead in Maisie Williams’ new Sky show Two Weeks To Live), and Sinead Harnett (UK singer/influencer) in the cast.

Five Dates will follow Vinny, a millennial from London who joins a dating app for the first time while living in lockdown. With a choice between five interested women, you can control who Vinny video dates and how he interacts with their strikingly different personalities.

The interactive story promises to unfold “in a multitude of different directions,” which will explore “whether compatibility, chemistry and connection are still possible in a world where physical touch is no longer an option.”

“During these trying times, we are really excited to be collaborating with Good Gate Media to bring a modern British rom-com to PC and consoles,” enthuses Wales Interactive executive producer and co-founder Richard Pring.

“Building on our extensive experience of interactive movies and video game development, we’re proud to be introducing FMV to a brand-new genre!

“We’re once again using our WIST scripting tool, bringing choice-based mechanics alongside our signature relationship-tracking system — this coupled with a diverse cast and top talent in acting, promises to be a unique and exciting experience for all to enjoy.”

Good Gate Media’s John Giwa-Amu adds: “Five Dates is the world’s first live-action interactive rom-com aimed at Millennials and Gen-Z. The world needs a dose of warm and funny right now and we hope it’ll spark some new ideas for romance for those who play.”

Five Dates will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q4 2020.

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