Rocket League Update Version 1.0.8 Now Available

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Psyonix has released a new software update for Rocket League on Nintendo Switch, which sees the high-powered football and driving hybrid now sat on version 1.0.8.

There are not too many dramatic changes that have been made under the bonnet, with updates to the Twinzer Car Body appearance, network settings being reset to high for all players, and general bug fixes.

The developer has also listed known issues that will be addressed in the coming weeks, such as a Nintendo Switch-specific issue where split-screen users take longer to appear in the main menu.

Rocket League Update Version 1.0.8 Patch Notes



  • Game version has jumped from v1.45 to v1.48 due to two PS4/PS4 Pro hotfixes
  • Updated the appearance of the Twinzer Car Body when affected by Paintable attribute
  • Added a confirmation dialog to the Report Server button

Network Settings

  • Network settings (Client Send Rate, Server Send Rate, Bandwidth Limit) will each be reset to High for all players on all platforms. Changing these settings will now have an effect on your network connection



  • Stats on all Merc Car Bodies should now be restored
  • Fixed Spectator issue causing camera updates to not replicate fast enough. This was causing desynchronization between spectators and the players they were viewing.
  • Fixed a bug in how Ping was being calculated and displayed
    • Your displayed ping to a given server region may be higher or lower after this update, but the latency between you and the servers has not changed. This is only a visual correction.

PS4/PS4 Pro

  • Fixed a bug causing performance issues when playing 3v3 Rumble on Neo Tokyo with Supersampling enabled
  • Resolved an issue causing delayed entry into online matches


  • New item notification shows for some players in Garage despite having no new items
  • Paint finish on the ’89 Batmobile may look different than before
  • [Switch] Splitscreen users may take longer than normal to appear in the main menu
  • [macOS. SteamOS] Textures on some buildings in the background may be missing
  • On Salty Shores, some ground textures load a few seconds after reaching the Choose Team screen
  • Images of Painted K2 and Zeta Wheel variants may not display correctly in the Garage
  • Voltaic Wheels may appear pixelated for some players
  • Moving quickly between the Showroom and Garage may cause Boosts and Trails to not display properly when viewing in Redeem Rewards and Crate Preview menus
  • Some Gray Wheels (Voltaic) may appear similar to Titanium White variants
  • Black texture can be seen sometimes outside of the Neo Tokyo and Tokyo Underpass Arenas
  • Trails slightly off-center behind ’99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Wheels
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