Rock ‘n Roguelike Power Chord Coming To Nintendo Switch

Power Chord Logo

Big Blue Bubble has announced that its heavy metal roguelike deck builder Power Chord will release on Nintendo Switch “in the future.”

After heavy metal demons emerge from a tear between worlds, you must assemble the new Knights of Thunder Fist to take back your town’s grungy dive bars from the thrashing hellspawn.

Taking inspiration from deckbuilding genre giants, you will start off the show with a guitarist, vocalist, drummer and bassist who each boast tailored cards. You must push back the demonic hard by tapping into every bandmate’s skill set, whether that be drawing and choosing cards “to ravage the enemy’s armour with the bassist’s toxic damage-over-time, sing songs of stat boosts to prepare the lead guitarist for a killer solo, or have the tank drum up some defences.”

Performing to survive a concert tour for the ages, you can expand your setlist by winning battles and claiming new cards at each randomly generated stop on the tour. If a bandmate goes down, they will be out of your lineup until the next Rest Site and you will need your whole band to take down the fearsome, demonic rock gods that await you.

You must amass a legendary collection of cards to take your band’s performance to the next level, masterminding killer combos to not only survive but to bring down the house (which the developer promises is literally in some cases).

“Rock music and its offspring have gifted fans with such incredible, emotive highs over the decades, and it’s constantly evolving to yield new joys,” explains Big Blue Bubble art director Jamie Boylan. “In that same spirit, Power Chord evolves the roguelike deck builder with significantly more strategic options and complexity than its forebear while celebrating the visual legacy of rock, from demonic accessories to eye-catching album-cover visuals.”

Power Chord will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide, with a release date to be confirmed.

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