Road To Guangdong Hits Nintendo Switch On August 28th

Road To Guangdong Screenshot

Excalibur Games has revealed that Road To Guangdong will release on Nintendo Switch this month.

When a family emergency reunites young graduate Sunny with her elderly aunt Guu Ma, they set out on a road trip across 1990s China.

Author Yen Ooi has penned this “moving tale of faded memories and generational angst,” in which Sunny and Guu Ma must visit long-lost relatives in their efforts to revive their struggling family restaurant.

The long trip will test their relationship as cultural differences bubble to the surface, meaning that you must make tough choices along the way to see what fate has in store for Sunny.

Road To Guangdong will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 28th August 2020.

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