Rising Star Games celebrates 10th Anniversary


Rising Star Games have reason to celebrate, with 2014 marking the publisher’s 10th anniversary since they were first founded.

Responsible for bringing No More Heroes, Little King’s Story, Harvest Moon and Rune Factory to Nintendo’s systems, we certainly have plenty to thank them for over the years. The occasion will be marked by activities starting in autumn, with the company revealing more information about their plans on the 10th day of every month throughout the rest of 2014.

“Over the years, Rising Star Games has grown from being focused on bringing the best games from Japan to western audiences to celebrating the very best in gaming from all over the world,” comments Rising Star Games managing director Martin Defries. “The industry has seen huge changes in the last decade, but one thing that’s never changed is our commitment to fantastic games, and that’s something that we’ll continue for the next decade and beyond.”

In an additional message of support, the publisher writes: “From everyone at Rising Star Games, we would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for all the support over the years – to both the fans and all our development partners we’ve worked with in the last decade. What’s more, we promise to continue pushing boundaries and bringing you innovative, memorable and, most importantly, FUN games!”

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