Retro-Styled Shoot ‘Em Up Jamestown+ Coming To Nintendo Switch

Jamestown+ Screenshot

Final Form Games has revealed that Jamestown+ will release on Nintendo Switch, a top-down four-player retro shoot ’em up set on British Colonial Mars.

After Sir Walter Raleigh is sentenced to death in the Tower of London, he hopes to secure absolution for his crimes by solving the mystery behind the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Fleeing to 17th-century British Colonial Mars, Raleigh boards his Conveyance – a rocket-sled equipped with dreadful munitions – and sets a course for Britain’s well-known Martian colony, Jamestown.

You must guide Sir Raleigh on his mission to defeat the deranged, power-hungry Conquistador and his deadly robots and Martian warriors.

That will see you journey across Mars and its moons – Phobos and Deimos – with the chance for up to four players to team up in local co-op multiplayer.

With simplicity in approach, Jamestown+ is accessible to all thanks to only requiring three buttons: Fire for basic attacks, Special for powerful weapons, and Vaunt for a bullet-eating, score-amplifying shield.

With the gold that enemies drop when defeated charging the Vaunt meter, you can also coordinate attacks – choosing from eight ships with different weapons from the powerful Beam to Treason’s homing missile fusillades.

“Jamestown is and was a heartfelt labor of love, and our vision was always that of friends or family playing together in the same room,” explains Final Form Games co-founder Tim Ambrogi.

“Now PC, Switch, and PlayStation 4 players will all have the chance to experience Jamestown the way we originally intended.”

Jamestown+ will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q4 2019 priced at $17.99.

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