Retro Machina Locks In May Release Date

Retro Machina Key Art and Orbit Studio have confirmed a release date for their retro-futuristic action-puzzle adventure Retro Machina on Nintendo Switch.

You play as a solitary worker drone who is banished from his home after the robot society labels him as a malfunctioning unit. Challenged to traverse the land beyond the domed Endeavour City, you must overcome the obstacles that await you in your desperate effort to save your home.

Set in a hand-drawn, avant-garde retro-futuristic environment, you will explore four biomes in which you will be able to hack into the minds of other robots and control their actions to neutralise your enemies and solve puzzles.

Thanks to your trusty wrench you will also be able to gather parts and tools to mend your malfunctioning body, allowing you to upgrade your combat abilities to take out the vicious robot defence force that wants nothing more than to stop you.

Retro Machina will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 12th May 2021.

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