Retro-Inspired Castle On The Coast Out On Nintendo Switch This Week

Castle On The Coast Logo

Klabater and Big Heart Productions have announced that Castle on the Coast will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

This hand-drawn, retro-inspired 3D platformer stars George the Giraffe, who is the official mascot of Valley Children’s Hospital in California. The long-necked mammal has “symbolised the love and care found at Valley Children’s there for nearly seven decades.”

He will now have the chance to parkour through a magical castle, in an effort to bring together two powerful, conflicted wizards. Whether playing solo or having friends join you in co-op mode, as you explore large-scale open levels packed with crystal caverns, stone-laden halls and trippy alternate dimensions.

“Valley Children’s is driven by preserving the joy of childhood for every patient we are privileged to care for,” Valley Children’s Healthcare president and CEO Todd Suntrapak.

“Whether it is a book featuring our beloved mascot, George, or a plush animal in his likeness, we are grateful for the chance to share that love and joy with our families. This video game – the first of its kind by a children’s hospital in the country – is another way we can bring some fun into the kids’ lives we see. And now kids around the world may also help George navigate the journey through the Castle on the Coast.”

Klabater joint-CEO Michal Gembicki adds: “We were immediately drawn to this project the very day the developer introduced us to the whole idea. Not only are we proud to support Valley Children’s, but we also find Castle on the Coast a hilarious and dynamic platformer, which seems perfect for children, and their parents!”

The publisher has outlined the game’s main features as below:

  • A magic castle entrenched in conflict: Help George explore the interiors of the magical Castle on the Coast, home to crystal caverns, stone-laden halls, and alternate dimensions. Seamlessly wander from level to level with no loading screens in a large, interconnected world.
  • A cute giraffe with extreme parkour powers!? This giraffe can get anywhere, anytime! String together wall runs, wall jumps, spins, climbs, dives, rolls, and more with responsive controls. Carve new paths through levels in a quest to frustrate level designers. When cool moves aren’t enough, don a jetpack or a rocket-powered car to reach new heights.
  • A 3D collectathon: Shove a plethora of goodies down your pockets as you explore! Flowers unlock new costumes, star keys open doors, and keystones… those unlock the looming central tower…
  • A nutty sidekick joins the mix (co-op mode): Great fun for more than one! Play with your children or friends. Player 2 can control George’s sidekick: Swirlz, the flying squirrel! Create helpful springy flowers, blast enemies with magic, or become a living parachute to show George’s descent. When George and Swirlz work together, nothing is impossible!

Castle on the Coast will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 2nd December 2021.

The publisher has confirmed that “a portion of the revenue will support the programs at Valley Children’s Hospital, which provides Central California’s only high-quality, comprehensive care exclusively for children, from before birth to young adulthood.”

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