Retake The Streets In Raging Justice On Nintendo Switch Next Month

Ashley King Raging Justice Screenshot

Team17 and MakinGames have announced that Raging Justice will release on Nintendo Switch next month, their beat ’em up game seeing gritty maverick cops Rick Justice and Nikki Rage take to Big Smoke City’s streets.

We can also meet the game’s third playable character in Ashley King, a 15-year-old street-smart inner-city kid with a backpack “full of whoop ass.”

Raised under the constant fear of gang violence Ashley had to grow up fast, and, with the developer having drawn on action movies heroes as their influences, he has a fast and lethal fighting style that takes enemies by surprise.

“We realised that Raging Justice needed a third playable character and we wanted someone who would fit the style of the game yet give[s] a very different feel when playing,” explains MakinGames lead programmer, Nic Makin.

Lead artist Jay Howse, adds: “We chose a teenager because I wanted something different to the usual ‘veteran cop/ex-military’ type. I wanted more of a fish out of water type character, someone who might have ended up in the situation by accident but still manages to hold their own and kick some serious arse!”

Raging Justice will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 8th.

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