Restore Points Absent In Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow On Virtual Console


Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow are to shortly see release on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console service, their arrival celebrating 20 years since the series first launched in Japan.

These promise to replicate the Game Boy experience, when players around the world succumbed to an insatiable desire to catch ’em all. Nintendo has tinkered with their ports, meaning that players can battle and trade using wireless communication – rather than the Game Link Cable as before.

But, there are certain Virtual Console benefits that won’t be available. Serebii reports that Restore Points will not be supported, which normally provide an unrestricted opportunity to save at any point in a Virtual Console release. Whereas they won’t be able to use the Nintendo 3DS save backup feature, that is usually offered whenever a user deletes a game on the handheld.

While the reason behind their removal hasn’t been shared, it can be understood that neither Nintendo or The Pokémon Company will want to provide a scenario in which players can clone Pokémon or risk removing the thrill around capturing them.

It has also been confirmed that neither Virtual Console or HOME Menu can be accessed while using the game’s battle or trade aspects, and that new wireless connectivity options will appear when you visit Cable Club.

Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow will release on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console service in Europe and North America on February 27th.

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