Rest In Pieces Out On Nintendo Switch This Month

Rest In Pieces Logo

Itatake has announced that Rest In Pieces will release on Nintendo Switch this month, which will challenge you to wake characters from their frightening nightmares.

Those souls have been trapped in the dream demon’s porcelain figurines, which you must swing through their horrid nightmares without smashing them into anything.

Whether that be Georgina’s evil clown dream, helping drunken pirate Jack Parrot vanquish the Kraken, or saving Father Lugosi from Count Dracula’s fangs, there are 18 souls that must be saved.

The figurines each have their own unique characteristics, and, after collecting gems, you will unlock new ones to rescue.

Rest In Pieces will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on September 13th priced at £6.99 ($7.99).

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