Resident Evil: Revelations’ online Raid Mode locked until post-completion


Nintendo held a retailer briefing today, in which Capcom’s Resident Evil Revelations was one of th many highlights.

Revelations’ producer Masachika Kawata presented the game to attendees, boasting that the game makes full use of the Nintendo 3DS’ capabilities to deliver the very best visuals possible on the handheld.

Whilst Revelations is a portable title, Kawata was keen to note that just as much effort is going into it as with more core entries in the series such as Resident Evil 5. The main game will provide over 10 hours of play time, you’ll then be able to unlock the online co-operative Raid Mode in which you can play as characters such as Jessica and O’Brian, who aren’t playable otherwise.

[Thanks Andriasang]

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