Repair Arcade Machines In Flipper Mechanic On Nintendo Switch In 2020

Flipper Mechanic Logo

SimFabric has announced that Flipper Mechanic is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This will challenge you to repair realistic models of arcade machines from the history of games, constructed from more than 400 parts that have been meticulously reproduced.

After searching auctions of old arcade machines, you will return them to your workshop where you must restore them to sell for profit.

Accepting repair orders from collectors, the work that you complete will earn you money and increase your reputation. That will let you expand your workshop and buy more machines.

With the chance to modify or build your own flippers, you can play and test the machines before sending them to pubs around the world – from which you will earn money from customers that are satisfied with them.

Flipper Mechanic will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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