Relive History In The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection On Nintendo Switch

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Photo

SNK has announced the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection which will release on Nintendo Switch this year.

While they are still working to finalise the complete list of games that will be included in the collection, it will primarily focus on the 1980s releases with both the arcade and console versions for each release.

Those that developer Digital Eclipse has confirmed so far, are: Alpha Mission, Athena, Crystalis, Ikari Warriors, Ikari III: The Rescue, Guerrilla War, P.O.W., Prehistoric Isle in 1930, Psycho Soldier, Street Smart, TNK III, Vanguard, and Victory Road.

Each will have updated graphics at 1080p resolution and redesigned control schemes, with a special SNK Museum Mode to cover the extensive history of SNK with high definition artwork and original promotional assets.

There will also be a SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Limited Edition that will include a physical copy of the game, an art collection book, and a soundtrack CD.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Fall 2018.

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