Reggie: Nintendo committed to showing off Wii U’s NFC feature


See the white rectangle to the left of your Wii U GamePad? That’s where the in-built near field communication (NFC) chip lives, an aspect of the controller that Nintendo is yet to truly exploit.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime that has reaffirmed that the company is developing games that support it beyond Pokémon Rumble U, which has been the only game in which they’ve demonstrated its use so far.

“We’ve shown a little bit with Pokémon Rumble U, and there’s a lot more that we’re working on,” Fils-Aime discussed in GT.TV this week.

“When we’re ready to talk about it, we’ll show it specifically within a game. When we were talking about the design for Wii U and the decision was made to have that NFC chip in there, the commitment was made that we had to have something to show it off. So yeah, we’re working on it, and it’s coming.”

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