Read The Stars In Astrologaster On Nintendo Switch

Astrologaster Logo

Nyamyam has revealed that their award-winning Shakespearean comedy Astrologaster will release on Nintendo Switch this month.

Developed in collaboration with the Wellcome Collection and the University of Cambridge’s Dr Lauren Kassel and her team, this story-driven astrological comedy game is based on the real life of Simon Forman, astrologer and aspiring medical professional, and his recorded casebooks.

Set in London, 1592, a great plague has swept through the capital. You play as Simon Forman, an astrological “doctor” who reads the movements of the stars to advise his patients on everything from marriage and love to their pesky digestive troubles.

How you choose to help your patients will have consequences, and, as so-called “real” and “licensed” doctors become quick to call you a quack, you set out to prove these medical elitists wrong before they expose him as a fraud.

Astrologaster will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 18th February 2021.

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