Raise Your Adopted Daughter In Ciel Fledge On Nintendo Switch

Ciel Fledge Screenshot

PQube and Studio Namaapa have announced that Ciel Fledge will release on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

After an attack from a destructive alien force that threatens the existence of humanity, a mysterious young girl arrives on ARK-3 – a magnificent city built in the sky.

Placed under your care, it is up to you to raise Ciel through the years until she is ready to ‘fledge’ the nest.

With an enchanting art-style and a smooth instrumental soundtrack inspired by Japanese City Pop, this game is best described as a “wholesome simulator” about raising your daughter in a futuristic world that still has hope.

That will see you ease into the daily routine, using a helpful schedule to plot activities for Ciel to participate in – whether that be classes, hobbies, or simply hanging out with her friends.

Ciel Fledge will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Autumn 2019.

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