Puzzles For Clef Coming To Nintendo Switch

Puzzles For Clef Logo

Freedom Games and Weasel Token have announced that their narrative puzzle platformer Puzzles for Clef will release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

You play as Clef, an inquisitive bunny who must overcome a winding, puzzle-filled mission from her sister Cres. With Cres’ map in hand, you will have the chance to explore an enchanting island that Clef’s ancestors once called home. Solving intricate puzzles will see you unearth treasures and illuminate secrets about Clef’s family history.

The island has lush bamboo forests, crystalline caves and magnificent clock towers that hide cypher codes, and you will have the chance to encounter and learn from its inhabitants such as “an artisan blue-footed booby to a towering mechanical dragon.” The Lumenium and Tonitrum that you recover can be used to restore bell shrines across the island, whose peaceful chimes will restore harmony to each region.

“Our development sessions for Puzzles for Clef have also acted as reminders to pay attention to our mental health in the face of such tensions in our country and the world,” explains Weasel Token founder Alexander Molodkin.

“We hope our audience takes the time exploring the island as a way to take in a deep breath and relax. Everyone needs to look after their mental health sometimes, and we’d like to believe we’ve created an outlet as healing for our community as it has been for us.”

Puzzles for Clef will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch “later this year.”

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