Puzzle & Dragons GOLD Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Puzzle & Dragons GOLD Logo

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that Puzzle & Dragons GOLD is now available on Nintendo Switch.

The mobile gaming phenomenon comes to the portable home console with enhanced visual upgrades and all-new multiplayer modes – which present the chance to showcase your custom-built teams and avatars in fierce brawls.

The campaign takes place over the events of the Puzzle and Dragons anime, for those that are looking for a single-player experience.

It sees protagonists Taiga and Ryuji struggle to make their way through the Puzzle & Dragons Champions Cup, with the chance to unlock iconic monsters along the way.

You can also challenge players from around the world in the online player-vs-player (PvP) mode.

These battles take place over two phases. In the Skill Phase, you must first decide which Skills you want your Monsters to use. And then in the Puzzle Phase, you must create Combos to deal as much damage as possible to your opponent – alternating between the two phases for eight turns to determine the winner.

Puzzle & Dragons GOLD is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in the United States and Canada, priced at $14.99 (CA $18.89). There is a 33 percent launch discount available until 31st January 2020, to $9.99 (CA $12.59).

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