Puzzle-Battler Grindstone Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Grindstone Logo

Capybara Games has announced that their sword-slashing puzzle-battler Grindstone is out now on Nintendo Switch.

“We’re stoked for everyone to finally play Grindstone on Nintendo Switch,” enthuses Capybara Games studio director Joel Burgess.

“We’ve made major, Switch-focused UI improvements, and included all of our content updates so far, making this an awesome entry point for new players, or existing stonegrinders who want to experience the game on console.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring the world of Grindstone to a whole new audience, and can’t wait to share even more updates in 2021.”

Grindstone Mountain has become overrun with menacing Creeps and Jerks. You must help the muscle-bound family man Jorj survive whatever obstacles he faces as he ascends the treacherous mountain.

What is disguised as a simple colour-matching experience soon delivers “layers of deep strategy and turn-based action,” as you slice your way through your enemies, battle bosses, loot resources and recover long-lost blueprints to unlock more powerful gear.

The game comes to the portable home console with more than 200 levels, and support for full touch control.

Grindstone is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide, priced at £15.09 ($19.99) with a 25 percent off launch discount.

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