Purge Heretics In The Shrouded Isle Out On Nintendo Switch This Week

The Shrouded Isle Screenshot

Kitfox Games has announced that The Shrouded Isle will release on Nintendo Switch this week, a cult management game in which you play as the high priest who must uncover and purge any heretics.

It takes place in a secluded island village that has kept to bloody yet sacred traditions for the past 495 years. That is based on the belief that a God sleeps beneath the waves that, once awakened, will birth a new era for those that are deemed worthy.

Each member of your community has two hidden traits – one virtuous and the other heretical. If you earn the favour of their House, you may investigate their reputation. It is only through book burning, monument building, and heretical investigations that you will find salvation, and you must designate a human sacrifice in every season.

But you must be careful, as a new contagion has washed up on the shores of your village and contaminated its people. You must lock the infected away in the purification tower where their sins will be washed away with holy salt water.

The Shrouded Isle will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on January 17th, priced at £12.99 ($14.99).

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