Pullblox World clambers on to Wii U on June 19th

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Prepare yourself for the return of Nintendo’s delightful puzzler, as Pullblox World shimmies across to Wii U.

Mallo must once again rescue children trapped in the Pullblox three-dimensional, block-based puzzles that can be pushed or pulled to arrange a path that allows you to climb to their peak. Puzzle designs will expectedly increase in complexity as you progress, resembling familiar objects, animals and classic Nintendo characters. There are 250 new puzzles, which will surely keep you busy for hours.

Pullblox Studio lets you create and share your own puzzles, while the new Pullblox World Fair sees Miiverse integration and allows players from around the world to play and rate puzzles by all creators, including more by Intelligent Systems.

To celebrate the game’s arrival, Pullblox and Fallblox will be discounted on 3DS. That sees them priced at £4.49 each in Europe between May 29th – June 12th, purchasing either seeing Pullblox World available at a special price of £6.29 between June 19th – July 31st (normally £8.99). In North America these will also be on promotion, named Pushmo and Crashmo over there, between May 28th – June 13th, priced at $4.69 and $5.99 respectively.

Pullblox World releases for Wii U across Europe, and as Pushmo World in North America, on June 19th.

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